[Course] Police To Cyber Expert – Part 5 : Nepal & Social Media Issues

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I’ve already shown you in part 2 of this series that how a simple survey form is getting lots of Cyber Crime Reports. And remember, 90% of reports are all related with Social Media Accounts, more focused on Facebook right now. Some reports are about “Fake Profiles”, some about “Fake profile + Blackmailing”, some about “posting rough posts”, some about “Fake Brand Pages”, e.t.c.

Around 60%  victims do not ask for help from Police, they somehow are afraid, or a kind of shy or a kind like “what society will say” sorts of negative feelings. And it means, only around 40% goes to officials to get help and to find out culprit. But, only around 4% to 10% issues are being solved.

As I’ve already mentioned that, all reports that are being filed in particular city must be forwarded to CIB Nepal Kathmandu, so here is the big problem right now.

Among 60% who are not going to officials, there are lots of reasons. One I’ve mentioned above. Next is, imagine victim is in Butwal, now for effective processing of investigation, victim must go to Kathmandu after successful report filing. So, in this case, victim thinks, “this is case of fake profile, and i need to go to kathmandu. Where to stay, how much time will take, will this case be solved. . . etc. these sorts of thinking is creating worse condition”. And if all victims, ALL, files report to CIB Nepal Police, then what is the maximum chance that it will be solved ?

There are lots of challenges during investigation in case of Social Media whose head quarters are located outside Nepal. Lack of forensics lab, lack of expert cyber pro, lack of awareness, and more other.

To solve this Social Media Cyber Security Issues in Nepal, first thing to do is, Awareness about possible risks, and what to do if such incident happens. Next step is, educating teenagers and parents about negative sides of social media. Then next step that I expect from government and law enforcement is, “They must, any how, setup forensic lab in major cities of Nepal, and must hire some extra cyber security personnel who can work together with Nepal Police on investigation. Or Government and Law enforcement can create a effective approach for this like, Providing CHFI, CEH, or other certified cyber personnel to open office in their own city (or other cities) and accept report from victims and sort it out by themselves. If they need help, then get help from Nepal Police too. This kind of scenario will definitely help and ease Nepal Police, because now victims can choose in between Nepal Police and Certified Cyber Personnel for filing their report.

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