[Course] Police To Cyber Expert – Part 4 : Nepal Government Responsibility

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To achieve more achievements, Government must involve in Cyber Security Section. Government must prepare, execute and implement some of the key tasks to build more secure digital Nepal. There can be lots of wide variety of fields on cyber security that Government needs to involve in, but some of them are highlighted below.

  • Government must run awareness AD campaign via Newspaper, TV, Social Media e.t.c. Government can do it if they want.
  • Cyber Security Training must be made compulsory for each and every police officers. But this depends on level. Like, who needs awareness only and who needs training too. This can be separated depending upon Police officers’ level and their passion.
  • Or, Government can develop a cyber security force separately. (Yes doing this needs lots of money), Also government can hire experts from different corners of Nepal.
  • When we attend cyber security seminars, we and police says, “Haami sangha device chaina, hami sanga tyo technology chaina, jasko sahayog bata haami criminal lai pakadna sakchau, haami dherai pachaadi chau”. WHY ? If government wants, then they can get those requirements and can setup lab within a month.
  • There must be atleast 2 or 3 pages details on about cyber security and cyber crime, laws . . . in book of school level. Course syllabus of Computer must be modified with new technology updates. And computer education must be made compulsory from class 3 to +2. (Now, some foolish will say, “ani sabai lai kahan sikauna sakincha, gaau level maa ajhai computer nai chaina”, haha. I am talking about Government’s Role, so if government wants then each and every schools in Nepal Village can get atleast 10 to 15 computers, or even more and also if Government wants, then Teachers can also be provided to teach.)
  • In case of Cyber Crime, when someone reports crime details to local police station (like crime is reported in Pokhara Police Station), but this report needs to be forwarded to Kathmandu CIB Nepal Police . Same is the case all around Nepal. Reports are increasing, now tell me one thing, how experts in Kathmandu can only solve this ??? Yes they can solve, but they can solve only 20 to 30 percent. So, Government and Law Enforcement must come up with idea of setting up Forensic Lab in major cities of Nepal. And they must hire more cyber security personnel to take care this issues.


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Video Tutorial of this Part will be available in http://youtube.com/studentvideotutorial

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