[Course] Police To Cyber Expert – Part 2 : Nepal Police Report & My Research

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Great, you are reading this course. You are in part 2 now. Here in this part, I will show you a kind of my research or you can call it Survey Program. And I will show some Cyber Crime Report Data that I got from CIB Nepal Police for Seminar Event. Let’s talk about my Survey Program First. So, exactly what is this survey about ? Well, let’s begin. Till now I’ve one website here : http://forum.bijayacharya.com/ and there you can find a Tab called “Report Cyber Crime in Nepal”, click here : http://forum.bijayacharya.com/report-cyber-crime-in-nepal/

Below you can find recent stage screenshot of what is there : (in case, in future if you couldn’t find site :))

Look those highlighted lines clearly. I’ve mentioned clearly that, this form is only for survey. No response will be sent, to report crime please find help from Nepal Police.

But, people are filling this form and sending reports to me. Also many of them is calling. Some fills form and calls me, some do not fill form and they directly calls me. I always inform them that they must report and ask help from Nepal Police CIB.

Below, you can see some of the screenshots of email sent to me from this above mentioned form.

 These are just few.

Now, Let’s see some Nepal Police Report on Cyber Crime Data in Nepal, 2071.

 (Special Thanks to Inspector Birendra Godar Sir for providing these details. These details were given to me when I was preparing a slide for Cyber Security Seminar in Pokhara, 2072 B.S. organized and executed by myself)

Now, Conclusion :

  • From those survey form, those reports sent to me. . .
  • From 2068 to 2071/72 Cyber Crime Report Given by Nepal Police CIB,
  • …. I can assume that, from 2072 to 2075 (till making this video), there are more cyber crime reports registered in Nepal. I think, almost more than double.
  • So, we need to aware people of Nepal, we need to train Police Personnel and we need to do more than this. I am trying to create a course for Police Officers (If they get time to watch it), normal public can also watch it, learn it and share it.

Video Tutorial of this Part will be available in http://youtube.com/studentvideotutorial

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