[Course] Police to Cyber Expert – Part 1 : Nepal Police Requirements

Police & Cyber Security

“Do not be afraid of failure, always try to achieve more, Never give up, Learn – Share & Grow”

“This course is not for Child and not for Cyber Security Experts. Course flows in between, think before saying bad words, feedback is best, attitude wala experts are not welcome”

“You are expert in cyber security ? You are not liking this course format ? Now most of you will start barking on my videos and articles, right ? In this case, stop barking, and create you own course, if you can”

I am preparing this course, specially focusing on Police and Cyber Security gap right now in our country Nepal. Though some countries are aware of the gap and are bringing their own course format for training on cyber security for police officers, but still most of the countries are lagging behind. Cyber Crime is on rise, and in future, along with advancement in technology, crime is going to be worse. If not prepared for future, condition of Nepal in Cyber Security is going to be worse. So, let me allow to aware and teach some of the fundamentals of Cyber Security, Ethical Hacking via this awesome course, “Police to Cyber Expert”.

Welcome all, my name is Bijay Acharya (Cyber Security Follower, Ethical Hacker, Self Learner via Online Course, Article and Blog publisher, CEHv9. via EC Council 2017, Educational Video Tutorial Creator for Students, Owner of BABA Computers, Pokhara)

Want to become Cyber Security Expert ? Remove following negative thoughts from your brain’s list :

  • I can’t do it
  • I don’t need it
  • I can’t pay for it
  • It’s too difficult
  • I don’t have much time

Requirements :

Requirements to walk in your Cyber Expert Path and what role Government needs to play and provide for Police Officers.

  • At first, you must be aware of the term Cyber Security, Hacking & Digital Forensics
  • For awareness, you must sit in a seminar or talk show of Cyber Security, Ethical Hacking & Digital Forensics for atleast 3 to 5 hours.
  • Once you are aware of the fact, then I want you to know about basic computer skills, internet, TCP/IP and OSI Layer Model.
  • Next thing, in your camp, you need best Internet Connection, best laptop to carry out lab practicals and enough time to practice around course)
  • If possible, you can ask help from Governments side too. This is responsibility of Government to make you cyber expert. Since, Government is focusing on this issue, but not much, so I am trying to prepare this online free course. Let’s see how far I can reach.

Video Tutorial of this Part will be available in http://youtube.com/studentvideotutorial

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