FIX wlan0/wifi extension not found Kali Linux #issue1

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So, this is #issue1, where you installed Kali Linux in Virtual Machine and your ifconfig command is not showing wlan0 interface right ? 100% chance is image like below will appear in your terminal whenever you expect wlan0 to show up, but only eth0 and lo will be shown.

So, in case of Virtual Machine, we must plug in EXTERNAL Wifi adapter to our kali linux machine.

Best Wireless or wifi adapter for kali linux in virtual machine is TP LINK. V1. (not v2), WN722N and this will support injection mode. Image is shown below.

  • Plug in and connect to kali linux machine.
  • See if wifi is being shown.
  • And then run ifconfig from terminal to fix that wlan0 is shown and issue will be solved.

We will cover other issues in coming guide. Stay tuned.

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