XAMPP Tutorial & Setting it up for INDEX.PHP [How to]

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In this guide, we will see how to setup Xampp and prepare it for loading Index.php

  1. Go to this link and download Xampp for your platform.
  2. Install it.
  3. Open Xampp Control Panel.
  4. Start Apache and MySql Module. See image below.

Check if its running well, by going to browser. Type localhost in browser and enter. If its running well, then screen like below will appear. (Screen depends on regular update)

Download index.php available below.


Go to xampp installed folder, find htdocs, open htdocs, make new folder (in my case folder is XSS), open that folder, make new folder again (in my case folder is 1), open that folder and copy downloaded Index.php to that final folder.

See image below (in my case it looks like this)

Let’s create new database in phpmyadmin.

Find Phpmyadmin in local host. And click it. Screen like below will appear.

Click Databases. and provide details with database name as shown below. (in my case database name is xampptutorial).Then click Create. See image below.

After clicking create, following screen will be shown. Update values (name and no.of column) with id and 2. Then click GO. See image below.

Update fields as highlighted by yellow color in below image. Then click save. Finally Done.

Now, accessing/opening index.php in browser.

  • go to browser and type : http://localhost/xss/1/index.php
  • Screen like below appears on success.

 Guide prepared by : Bijay Acharya

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