Best ISP in Nepal. Top Internet Service Provider in Nepal [USER REVIEW]


Bhudki users replied to “Best ISP in Nepal”, and their experience are as follow :

Abhishek Kafle said, “I think worldlink is the best ISP of Nepal. I am saying this because i am the costumer of worldlink since 2012 and i am loving its services. Worldlink provides many services or say it provides different amazing offers for its costumer frequently. The speed is good and i think its server is also fast.

For being a good ISP one should attain the following points:-
1) Services
2) Offers
3) Speed
And worldlink attain all these qualities… So in my opinion Worldlink is the best.”

Nikhil Thapa said, “Well, to say true, internet service isn’t well organized or say well established in Nepal . And it’s difficult to say what kind of internet service is eligible to be called a good internet service.So, My suggestions will be based on comparison.

Comparison between the connection types and types of internet user.

But to recommend one and to make my long explanation short
I will say WorldLink will be the right choice.

Q. But Why ?????
– For the reason I recommend Worldlink, I’ve got some plus points.
It’s been 3 years I’ve got internet service in my house. For the first two years I choose TP-Link . And I’ve been Worldlink user since the 2nd year. It’s not between worldlink and TP-Link, as I said earlier it’s between comparison. Comparison between a fiber connection and wireless connection. So, I’ve picked two different ISP providing different kind of connection.

Let’s take worldlink in a side and other ISPs on the other side. Now, the main difference here is worldlink gives us fiber connection and remaining ISPs gives us wireless connection. Those who have been a wireless user knows the pain of connectivity issue during un-favourable climatic condition . This is one of the most negative points for wireless users.

I’m not saying worldlink doesn’t have any kind of connectivity issue. They do have connectivity issue.But those issues are meaningful. In past,such kind of issues have occurred mostly ( mainly ) due to maintenance in their server or while upgrading their quality of service.

Their are various factors which affects internet service like the time when we use internet , the area where we use …. and many more. Sometimes we face bad experience while using better internet service. It may be because of above factors .

# Should everyone use worldlink service ???
Is Worldlink forever gonna be the best ISP ????
– It depends on what kind of internet user you are. For users like gamers and streamers they require internet service with very high bandwidth and very less ping .
But for those users who uses internet just to use mailing services,read news they don’t actually need very high bandwidth.
Now , what bandwidth is represented as high bandwidth ? It’s quite difficult to say .
So let’s consider for the users like gamers, streamers and the ones who have lots IOTs in their house should use the service that provides them more high bandwidth , better to use fiber connection , has more security . And in present status Worldlink will be the best choice.

Now for another type of users who only uses mailing services, read news on internet they don’t actually need high bandwidth .Their is no restrictions for them to use a particular service.Unless the service providers doesn’t neglect security. So they can pick any kind of service. Better if they choose bandwidth not less than a mB (mega byte).

Note : I have not mentioned my suggestions on the basis of price/cost . It’s because this things are not fixed for long time. In future you users can decide what kind of service you want based on above suggestions. Better service can be expensive sometime because as I’ve mentioned above internet service is not well organized in Nepal. And this things are according to my personal view.”

Upendra Regmi said, “I find the best ISP is Nepal Telecom ADSL service. I have been using this service for more than 2 years regularly. I have experienced problem in service once or twice. Its speed is not good as other ISP provides but it is not slow.

My friends and relatives use other ISP’s internet. Once or twice a month they complain about the service they get.
Sometimes their internet doesn’t work and sometimes its too slow i.e below 5Kbps.

ADSL service can be used by any one. For person with normal income can adopt ADSL service.

Also when you download file you get the download speed of 300kbps to 700kbps. Other ISP’s download speed goes max to 3mbps but when the speed decreases below 50kbps then speed almost never recovered.”

This is my personal opinion and I find ADSL is the best.

Ghanshyam said, “I think vianet is the best ISP in Nepal.Mostly people subscribe 1 year for private ISP.After sometimes if problem arises they don’t respond in time.But in Vianet they response fast.The download speed is average but in other there is more fluctuate in speed.For 30 mbps subscription download from external site also it gives 7 mbps+ wheares it is more in local sites and youtube.It also provides 1 year net tv free with hd channels.I recommend to join vianet for its speed and customer service.”

Note : These all reviews are given by Bhudki Users. Thank you.

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