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Lots of youtube video creators asks these questions very frequently, “How to be discovered on youtube“?, “How to grow on youtube?” so for this question to be replied genuinely we need a source directly from Youtube.

Youtube employee Mr.TOM LEUNG gave his ideas depending upon research of questions. You can find his channel here, Creator Insider . To get his tips and ideas, Mr.TIM SCHMOYER from Video Creators collected some questions from his followers and placed it in front of TOM.

They discussed questions like :

  • How to Rank your videos if you’re not getting required amount of watch time.
  • What role does title, description, tag and thumbnails plays for growing channel and getting views on youtube.
  • LIKES are important or not.
  • Short length videos are good or long length.

I am going to share some of the tips that I learned from them.

Tip 1 : How to rank your videos on youtube to get watch time ?

  • So as we all know, content creators on youtube are increasing on the daily basis. So, almost all content is available in youtube. In this case, Mr. TOM gives tips like “Focus on content that isn’t well served yet“, you got it right ? No matter, who are making what, how they are making is the most important part. In addition to that, TOM says, video creators starts making videos choosing very crowded category, like PHONE REVIEW as an example. Be specific, do research on what is lacking, prepare content then start creating content for youtube. This will definitely help you grow your channel in youtube.

In TOM’s tips, he said a coolest and best point there. He said, “Youtube team are working on a very hot issue these days. And this issue is, How to help a really hard working good content creator on youtube ? Hard working good content creator if not gets discovered, if their content and video not gets discovered, then how to solve that issue ?

Tip 2 : Start from Small, then move towards Bigger.

  • He adds, “You can expand from your niche later“. Start by thinking and working on basic and small topic or category. Then go on increasing your content’s quality and quantity.

Tip 3 : Share you videos in social media, via emails, in forums, groups. 

  • He says, “Share you video as much as you can with family members, friends, in facebook, forums, e.t.c.

Tip 4 : On a question, how to write tags ? TOM gives tips like below :

  • Your title, information in thumbnail, followed by description and tags you provide must be closer and match with your details that you are providing in these 4 fields (title, tag, description, thumbnail)

Tip 5 : Uploading videos daily is good ? or once a week one video is enough ?

  • This question is replied by TOM in best way. Uploading daily videos on youtube for growing channel ? He says, “It depends on what your audience wants“. This point just blew my mind. I was not so clear on what to do and what no to do. This tip from TOM, really cleared my mind on about uploading video patterns. In addition, he said, “If you are making videos, where your audience wants more, daily, then yes we can upload it daily, but if our audience do not want in that manner, then why to upload ?”. He keeps on adding, “If we focus on uploading videos daily on our own, then there may be issue with Quality and creativity. Taking time and creating video helps us with quality and we can think more creative ideas on how to make video look great, how to place contents in video in best way“. Finally, one best tip he gives as, “Try to compare the analytics of both. Like “Daily upload for 2 weeks vs Period before that where you uploaded 1 video in a week or 1 video in 3 days“. These tips from Mr.Tom, a youtube employee, on growing our youtube channel were great tips for me. He adds, “Do experiment, try to get feedback from your followers“.

Tip 6 : Question was like this, “People says youtube algorithm doesn’t promote short videos, is it ok or not to upload videos less that 10 minutes?”

  • For this questions, he replied as, “Your follower or youtube viewers must love the video at first point. What if you have 10 minute longer boring video ?, viewers will not watch, right ?

Ok these were some tips I picked. If you want to learn and watch full version of it, then you can find it in channel of Mr.TIM SCHMOYER from Video Creators. Video link :

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