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How to earn money online in Nepal ? Well, this question is asked and seen everywhere. There are lots of people in Nepal who are earning good money by working online from their own laptop or computer. Below you can find different ideas, you must have passion to pick up and follow any of given points. And remember, with little effort, Earning Money Online in Nepal is very easy.

Strong Tips : At initial phase on how to earn money online in Nepal, each and every user must do hard work. Don’t think like, you can click something and you can earn. Earning money online in Nepal, or anywhere else doesn’t mean that. In beginning stage, we must do some hard work, we must create some contents, we must be familiar with platform on which we are working, so that you can earn money online in Nepal. Once you FIX it, then only you can sleep and imagine of getting income continuously. Let’s begin and see some best ways to earn money online in Nepal. 

  • Yes, become Youtuber guys : Learn about how to make videos, how to shoot videos, how to prepare video contents, and start your youtube journey. There are lots of Nepalese who are doing good passive income by uploading video contents in youtube. There is strong Terms and Conditions of youtube that you have to follow for being successful at youtube. Once you learn that, start making videos. Bonus : Want to learn video editing online ? Send message to BABA Computers, Pokhara.  
  • Yes again, Google is there for you. Start Website, write articles, prepare contents. And apply for ADSENSE. You are a writer ? you are a technology guy ? you are a teacher ? or anything else. Start creating article based contents, and start posting them in your own website. With the help of good website designers, you can get a nice, small, beautiful website within a day or two. Once, you site is fully ready with content, then apply for google adsense. Bonus : Want your own website ? Send message to BABA Computers, Pokhara.  
  • BHUDKI : Yes, bhudki is online site developed by Nepalese and member can earn some pocket money by joining this site. User can create content, do some task and can earn Points. Later those points can be converted to real money. Payment proof is also provided in their own site. So user can believe all process. More detail on how to use bhudki is here : Earning System in bhudki.
  • Don’t be late, START YOUR OWN Online Shop : Yes, collect or buy some new and cool stuffs, make website for that, make facebook page, reach your customer. This section requires some creativity at different level. Once you can arrange products and client reach, then sure you can make some passive income without having real shop or flat storing your products and paying high rent.

  •  Publish eBOOKs, PDF : Don’t hesitate. Don’t feel like how can I ? Got writing skill ? Start right now. Earning money online in Nepal is more easier these days. You need to give your effort at the beginning.   Imagine atleast 20 to 50 topics (or more), and start writing about it. Include theory, history, recent status, examples, step by step walk through, quizzes, challenges, e.t.c. and make eBOOK/PDF of atleast 200 to 400 pages. Start selling it online. Fix price in such a way that gives you some profit (do not try to get high profit), try to focus on selling more books. You can start to write book on any subject, like : Photography Guide, Teaching computer in Nepali way, teaching how to cook stuffs, story writing, poems, quotations, sports analysis, etc. anything where you feel comfortable. These are some tips on publishing ebooks or pdfs to earn money in nepal without much investment. Who know, when, what kind of so called VIRAL share and traffic hits your site and you get exposure. START RIGHT NOW WRITERS.

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