Excel Training 3 : Worksheet

Excel Training Nepal

Excel Training 3 : Worksheet

Excel Training/Tutorial/Course Prepared by : BABA COMPUTERS, Pokhara Nepal 

Welcome back to Free Online Excel Training Series, Part 3. In this tutorial, We are going to learn about Worksheet in Excel, how to add new worksheet, how to copy worksheet, how to delete and move worksheet.


Excel files are termed as “Workbooks“. Each workbook holds one or more “Worksheets“, also know as ‘Spreadsheets‘.

Initially, when we create a workbook, it will contain one worksheet named as ‘sheet1‘. A worksheet is a grid of columns and rows where columns are designated by letters running across the top of the sheet and rows are designated by numbers running down the left side of the worksheet.

Below, you are seeing a newly created workbook which contains only one worksheet named as Sheet1. (See at bottom of image)

In excel, depending on our task or job, we might need to work with a large amount of data, so in this case, we can create Multiple Worksheets to help organize our workbook and make it easy to find required items or contents.

Quick Tips :

  • To Rename Sheet, just Right Click on desired sheet, for example, if you see image above, there is sheet1, so right click that sheet1, and click Rename from available options. Then give desired name to sheet1.
  • Similarly, when you right click on any sheet, then you will get others options too, like : Rename, Move, Copy, e.t.c. for now, just try these 3 options on your own. Later on these Excel Training, I will show you how to use other available options like : Insert, Delete, etc.


  1. Locate and select/click the New Sheet button. See image below.

See below, sheet 2 is created.

Ok, this is all for Free Online Excel Training Part 3.

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