Excel Training 2 : Blank Workbook & Excel Interface

Excel Training Nepal

Excel Training 2 : Blank Workbook & Excel Interface

Excel Training/Tutorial/Course Prepared by : BABA COMPUTERS, Pokhara Nepal 

Welcome back to Free Online Excel Training Series, Part 2. In this tutorial, We will learn how to create a Blank Workbook in Excel and we will see basic Excel Interface. 

From first part of Excel Training, we saw following screen :

Now, click that “Blank Workbook”. After clicking it, following screen will appear. And this screen is basically called “Excel Interface”

Now, see some details on what we have in Excel Interface. Refer to image below. 

Tips : Try to remember these details. i.e. whenever you see excel interface, you must be able to name different sections of Excel Interface as show in above image.

As we move on in Excel Training, we will see all these details one by one. But for now, let me explain you some about that FORMULA BAR, as you can see in image above.

Formula Bar : 

In Formula Bar, we can enter or edit data, formula, or a function that will appear in a specific cell.

In the image below, cell B1 is selected and 2018 is entered into the formula bar. Note how this value appears in both the formula bar and in cell B1.



The Name Box displays the location, or ‘name’ of a selected cell.

In the image below, cell C2 is selected. Note that cell C2 is where column C and row 2 intersect.

Ok, this is all for now. We’ll see more in next Free Online Excel Training Part 3.




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