Excel Training 1 : Introduction & Features

Excel Training Nepal

Excel Training 1 : Introduction & Features

Excel Training/Tutorial/Course Prepared by : BABA COMPUTERS, Pokhara Nepal 

What is Excel ?

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet developed by Microsoft for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. It features calculation, graphing tools, pivot tables, and more others.

For whom this Excel Training is for ?

Since, this Excel Training covers basics and intermediate section of Excel Work Process, so this Free Excel Training will benefit both beginners and intermediate level students or employees or anyone who wants to learn excel for their next new job.

Prerequisite ?

Well, you must be familiar with windows 7, or win 8 or win 10. Just make sure that you can basically open program files installed in your computer.

If you are going to get training somewhere in institute, then it will be great if you have your own laptop with you.

Instructor ?

This all Excel Tutorial and Excel Training guide is being prepared for you by Bijay Acharya, owner of BABA Computers, Pokhara, Nepal. You can find his tutorial channel in youtube named as Student Video Tutorial 

Let’s start . . .

When you open excel by double click or single clicking excel icon in your computer, then depending upon excel version, initial excel screen shows up. In my case, it’s like this as shown in image below.

 In image above, you are seeing Blank Workbook, Student Schedule, Academic Calendar, e.t.c. We can choose any of those templates as required for us to work on Excel Training. At the beginning of Excel Tutorial, we always choose and go with Blank Workbook.

To create blank workbook, we simply click on that. (We will see this creating part in next tutorial). Notice in left side of image above, we can Open Previously saved Worksbooks also. When you start working in excel for any sorts of task, then you will save them with particular file name, so in any moment when you need that file for editing or printing or analyzing, then you simply open that from left hand side.

At top-middle, below that Search Bar, you are seeing suggested searched section. Here, we can shuffle through different templates, that we may need in future tasks. We will see this section, when we need them in future.

Ok, this is all for now. We’ll see more in next Excel Training Part 2.



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