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Though, this phase is very tough to decide on which cryptocurrency to invest in or exchange ! Up and down started to arise from 2017. Clearly, this is initial phase in cryptocurrency market. Anything can happen at any moment.

But, by analyzing charts & graphs from coinmarketcap, we can somehow predict its so called future. But do not solely depend on anyones prediction. Use your brain, think before buying so selling. Be calm, create patience for holding coins during its fall periods.

So, here are 3 cryptocurrency to look for in 2018.
1) Bitcoin :
No doubt, Bitcoin will be on top and will generate more buzz in 2018.
2) Cardano : 
It’s Roadmap is awesome. You can learn more about it in its own website. I think, cardano is getting more eyes on and will create some buzz in late 2018.
3) Ripple :
Do not ignore Ripple. Starting 2018 shown some fall in ripple’s value. But, while you analyze the chart of ripple, investor can invest on it and hold on for more time. Just hold on.

Note : I am not expert financial advisor. These predictions are my own analysis. Do some market research before doing anything in cryptocurrency market. Thank you.

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