bCOINS : Nepali Digital Coin To BUY & SELL Stuffs in Nepal

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bCOINS : Earn bCOINS & use it to buy or sell your Stuffs in Nepal. (Only for Nepal and Nepalese. Soon, you can buy FOODS, SHOES, CLOTHS and more. 

Strong Note : “bCOINS” is not a Cryptocurrency. “bCOINS” is not a digital currency. “bCOINS” is specially for BHUDKI USERS. Users earn BHUDKI COINS (“bCOINS”) by using BHUDKI site. “bCOINS” is a kind of reward points for BHUDKI USERS.

How can anyone earn “bCOINS” ? 

  • There is complete list on how to earn “bCOINS”. Read here : https://bhudki.com/earning-system/ 
  • You read that link ? Once you read that link, then only read lines provided below. Otherwise you will not understand anything.

How to add your STORE/BUSINESS in BHUDKI and gain visitors/customers ?

  • Right now, “bCOINS” can be used to buy Recharge Cards, Antivirus, and computer related stuffs in Nepal. And remember, this service is being provided by BABA COMPUTERS, POKHARA for now. In future, with increasing number of Bhudki Users and bCOINS, many other service providers will be added to list.
  • You run FOOD SHOP ? or you run SHOE STORE ? or any other business ? You can ask BHUDKI Founders to add your STORE/BUSINESS in BHUDKI SITE and you can also gain visitors/customers to your store. You can allow your customer to buy stuffs via “bCOINS”.
  • Any one who uses BHUDKI and bCOINS, will get certain percent discount always. So, this trick will allow any SHOP/STORE to grab attention of customers and increase their sell.
  • Business details on, send email : bhudkinetwork@gmail.com


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