TOP 5 JOBS IN NEPAL [Submitted by : Santosh]


TOP 5 JOBS IN NEPAL [Submitted by : Santosh]

  1. Web Designer :
    One of the top job in Nepal is Web Designing. It is related to the IT related sector. The
    Person who knows about the web designing can get jobs easily. Different kinds of Web
    designing office are establishing day by day in our country. So there may be no problems to
    find the jobs related to the web designing. Freelancer is the one online site, in which web
    designer can get lot of job opportunity in that site.2
  2.  Accountant:
    To be an Accountant, the master degree of education level should be completed, and
    certain year of experience level should be needed. To be an accountant it is not an easy job.
    The whole responsibility of accounting transaction should be handle by Accountant.
    Accountant also get high amount of salary according to the work and responsibility.
  3. YouTuber:
    I think Youtuber is one of the top or best job in Nepal. The top Youtuber of our country
    is earning high amount of money from YouTube. So I think if we can do good on YouTube
    than we can earn enough amount of money form that site also. So, the people who can do
    good on YouTube than it could be best job for them.
  4. Manager:
    Manager of different sector like finance, accounting, general, project can be the best
    jobs in Nepal. Managers earn sufficient amount of money. Managers earning are different
    according to their sector like finance manger can earn more money than other mangers. So
    manager salary differ according to their sector.
  5. Own Business:
    The person who can do their own business may be the best and top job in Nepal. There
    are lack of employment opportunity in Nepal. So by doing or establishing own business it can
    solve the employment problem. So in my thought, Own Business is the top and best jobs in

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