TOP 5 JOBS IN NEPAL [Submitted by : Prashant]


TOP 5 JOBS IN NEPAL [Submitted by : Prashant]

1. Engineering:
In context of Nepal, Engineering is the consistently with high-paying jobs along
with reputation. As being a developing country there’s a great scope for the
engineers, moreover after the devastating earthquake in 2015, Nepal’s
development has drastically changed, in over a certain period, as more number of
engineers were hired during the reconstruction. There are various fields in
engineering such as, mechanical, civil, electrical, and so on. Since engineer are the
high paid personals in Nepal.
To be an engineer, one must have specialized in the particular field, for instance,
they must have bachelor’s degree along with masters. Also, work experience,
training and qualifications are required to get paid for the work

2. Computer Programmer:
Since, Nepal’s economy has drastically changed, in these recent years, and its
economy is rising rapidly. It’s all due to the development of IT. In Asia, Nepal
holds the leading position in the rising phase of IT. Also, the programmers were
sought in great numbers as Nepal has got fast-paced in Technology in these
recent years. In the context of Nepal, different companies are growing their craze
to develop electronic systems for their work due to which the need of
programmer is high. So, there is large scope of computer programmers in Nepal.
To be a computer programmer in Nepal, one must have at least bachelor’s degree
in an IT-related field such as Computer Science or Information Systems.

3. Surgeon:
Surgeon is a highly reputed and among the most paid jobs in context of Nepal.
Actually, a surgeon is a medical doctor who performs the surgical operations.
Surgeons have large fields or the areas they are linked in. For instance, Dental
Surgeon, Neurological Surgeon, Orthopedic, Cardio-vascular are the specialized
field for the surgeons. Although the salary of surgeon may vary, according to their
field of work, they’re generally compensated well.
To become a Surgeon, one must have completed four years of bachelor’s degree,
3 years of master’s degree with a Doctrine of Medicine (M.D.) Also, 2 to 5 years of
work experience in surgical field at hospitals.

4.    CEO
A chief executive officer (CEO) is the highest-ranking executive in a company.
There are various other titles for CEOs including managing director, president,
and executive. A CEO of an organization makes all the key decisions regarding the
company, which includes all sectors and fields of the business, including
operations, marketing, business development, finance, human resources, etc.
CEO is the most desirable job in the business community. CEO has the power and
prestige, moreover there comes the huge responsibility for an organization. The
job roles of CEO’s are tasked with a high-pressure job strategy for the company,
validating the company’s culture, founding and leading a team of executives and
managers, allocating resources throughout the organization.
CEO, the Chief Executive Officer needs at least a Master’s degree in any required
field of study. They should have an experience of 12 years and more.

5.      Financial Manager
Financial Managers plays the roles for the financial health of an organization.
They produce financial reports, direct investment activities, and develop
strategies and plans for the long-term financial goals of their organization.
Managing finances is the key for all major business decisions. Financial managers
increasingly assist executives in making decisions for which they need analytical
ability and excellent communication skills.
Financial Manager prepares the financial statements related to the organization
and monitor financial details to ensure that legal requirements are met. They
research on market trends to find opportunities for acquiring other companies
and also help organization on making financial decisions.
To become a Financial Manager, you will need to hold an educational level of
accounting, finance, economics or business administration through which wide
range of analytical skills typically gained within these subjects. Financial Manager
typically requires the experience of 10-15 years.

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