TOP 5 JOBS IN NEPAL [Submitted by : Arpan]


TOP 5 JOBS IN NEPAL [Submitted by : Arpan]

1. Accountant: This is also highly payable job secotr in nepal nowdays too. In
many bank sectors and many more institutions accountant is hire so it is one
of the most five jobs in nepal affliated. Its mainly salalry start from 25000 to
above so many people are who have completed degree in managmeent can
do this jobs.
2. Engineer : Highly paypable job sector in nepal nowdays.Minium salay is
about 50,000 to 100,000. It is one of the top five jobs in nepal aslo. So many
students and goverment offcer who are oversers are engaedged in this field
like civil engineer, aerontic engineer and many more.
3. Nurse : This is also one of the most important top five job in nepal too.
Many students and goverment woman are engaged in this field too. After
SLC or +2 many teenager woman try to learn this course and enganged in
hospital to. Thier salary will be minium 20000 to above according to theirs
skill and academic qualifiaction.
4. Computer programmer: This is also most important top five job in nepal
too.After compplete +2 many students are enaged in this filed to make
career too. So they choose this filed too. Nowdays computer programmer are
more demand so this is also required in many banks, IT company and so on.
Their salary is around 80,000 to above according to thier skill and academic
5. Public relation manger: This last but not list one of the most top five jobs in
nepal too. This filed is very important for who are doing career in this field.
This filed is one of the most strong job for career too. Public relation
maanger is so much important for public relation about their roles in nepal
and many place so. This job helps in communciations, journalism,
english,business,marketing and media studies too. Their salary also not
bigger than others around 35000 to above.

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