Top 10 Ways to Earn Money Online in Nepal [Submitted by : Prashant]

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Submitted by : Prashant

Top 10 Ways to Earn Money Online in Nepal

Note : This is user submitted content. Bhudki just published it.

There are different ways to earn money online. But among all the ways I would like to discuss
about the easiest way to earn money online.

2. Free lancing
You can earn good money by free lancing online. is the right place
where you can show your skills and earn good money for yourself. This is good website
for earning and much more trusted site. You can easily create your account through
your email or by simply login through your facebook. After login, you can choose your
areas of interest. It may be article writing, blog writing, creating eBooks, online typing,
SEO writing, content writing, data entry, etc. You can choose any jobs that is of your
interest and that suits you with all your skills. If you are interested in any Job that meets
your qualification, then you can simply bid for that job and message the person who
wants to hire an employee for that project. You can earn daily 10$- 50$ depending upon
your ability to complete the Job. Once you complete the task your reputation will be
higher and more chances to get similar jobs in the future.

3. Earn From: URL Shortner
There are various websites that pays you for the visitors you invite in your page through
the short link or from the URL shortner. Among them adfly,, linkshrink, are the
most popular URL shortner. At first you must create your account on any one of these
sites, let͛s create a account in Once you create your account verify your
email by login into your mail and clicking on the verification link And it will ask for your confirmation key sent to your email
address, just copy your confirmation key and paste it in the respective field and finally
click on ͞Confirm Registration͟. Once you are done with this, login to your
account. You can also share your referral link with your friends, earn some profit from
them. Moreover, you can shorten your website or any other YouTube videos and share
it anywhere you like. You are paid 1$ for each 5,000 visitors you invite on your shorten
URL link.

4. Earn money by Solving Captcha

There are different websites that pays users for solving captchas. Among these sites is one of the trusted and paying sites. Before solving captchas
you must read the instructions given in the website. If you wrongly typed captchas, and
go on continuing the mistake, your reputation will be less and hence your account can
be banned. So be sure to read each instruction before solving the captchas. You can
create your free account at and start solving captchas.
Normally, it pays 1$ for 1000 captchas solved. The payment or the withdraw options
include, web money, Visa or MasterCard.

5. Earn from Facebook Instant article
You may be amazed to see how you can earn from facebook. To begin with instant
article you must sign up from this link
If you are an article writer, then it͛s a great platform for you to earn money by writing a
article. For this, you have to own a page (Confirm that you have an admin role on that
Page.) After you select your page, you must confirm by agreeing to the Instant Article
terms. If you don͛t have facebook pages, then you can simply start by creating a new
page. Next you must have your website. If you own a wordpress website, then go to the
admin panel of your site, login your details and sign in to your website. For more details:

6. Bitcoin Mining
Bitcoin mining is also a trending topic in today͛s world. In context of Nepal, it͛s not
widely used, as the resources used for mining are too expensive, that the normal people
can͛t afford for that. But still there are some people who are investing their money in
buying these resources, so that they could mine Bitcoin and make their life secure in
future. You can also buy Bitcoin mining tools on Amazon.
Actually, a miner uses computer resources like GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) for
mining Bitcoin. And the mining speed is measured in H/s (Hash rate per second).
Apart from the hardware, there is Bitcoin mining software too. Some Popular website
likes; genesis mining, hashing24, etc are providing cloud mining features
online. For this, you must purchase your hashing power with your PayPal or Payza in
order to mine Bitcoin with cloud miners.

7. YouTube

YouTube is a free video sharing website that makes it easy to watch online videos. You can even
create and upload your own videos to share with others. Originally created in 2005, YouTube is
now one of the most popular sites on the Web, with visitors watching around 6 billion hours of
video every month.

The first step for starting with YouTube is from the Google ad sense.
Step 1:
Enable your channel for monetization. Connect your YouTube channel to an Ad Sense account
in order to earn money and get paid for your monetized videos.
Note: You must have about 10,000 total views on your YouTube channel for monetization. This
is the latest YouTube policy.
After you start monetizing your YouTube channel, you can see ads on your YouTube videos. You
can also notice skip-able video ads before your video starts playing.
Step 2:
You can also earn money with YouTube by promoting, recommending and reviewing affiliate
products. The companies like Amazon, click bank, snap deal, and so on pays for you, once you
became their affiliate marketing partner. And this is possible only with YouTube. You can
actually create videos where you recommend or review or do open boxes reveal of a product
that you use and like and then in the video description you can use your affiliate link. Once the
visitors buy some products from your affiliate link, you can instantly get commission from these
companies. It’s actually a way to make money without actually creating products of own.
Step 3:
The third strategy for making money on YouTube is the “Sponsorships”.
You may have heard before, sponsors can hire a person for advertising their products on

YouTube or moreover a company pays you for displaying their products, wearing their printed-
T-shirts and they pay just for your work.

This is nice strategy for earning but for this you must have your channel built up previously.
Your channel must have good subscribers to get sponsors who paid you for displaying their
products. It’s not the easiest thing to get sponsors especially when you͛re getting started but
you’ll notice once you’re successful on YouTube, people will be approaching you.

8. Steemit: A completely new Social Site for Earning
Steemit is a new social media platform where you can share information, videos, opinions,
photographs etc. You get rewarded when you engage with a post on the Steemit platform. You
will be rewarded for posting, commenting and upvoting on the posts. You are rewarded in
digital tokens called Steem. Steem is similar to Bitcoin. It has a decentralized network. There is
no central authority.

It is different from Bitcoin in its consensus algorithm. Bitcoin works on PoW. Steem shifted to
Delegated Proof of Stake. Steem does not have miner, it has ͚witnesses͛ who produce blocks.
10% of the block reward goes to the witnesses and 90% of the block rewards goes to content
creators, curators. Steemit pays both the content creators when their work gets upvoted, as
well as the people who curate the best content on the site by upvoting others work.

9. Fiverr
Fiverr is one of the top, most trusted paying sites. Fiverr is a good platform for earners.
Moreover, a beginner also will get credited for his work. If someone has skill on Web designing,
articles writing, blog writing, content writing, graphics designing, etc they can employ
themselves in Fiverr. But one must have some genuine knowledge about these stuffs. If you are
interested in programming or you’re the real programmer, then you must search for the job
that better suits you. If someone hires you for a project, then you must complete the given task
within the allocated time. Once you complete your task, without any delay you will have good
rating, there will be a great opportunity for you to get similar task. If you are willing to make
some earnings online, then I will recommend Fiverr. You can begin all with your skills and
knowledge. For creating your account on fiverr, visit You can also create your
Fiverr account with your official facebook account.
10. Creating a blog with wordpress.
You may be wondering, how you can earn by just creating a blog. But that’s true, you can simply
earn by creating a free blog with wordpress. If you are a photographer or a traveler, you can
simply write articles about your photography and discuss when and where you click that photo
and moreover you can make a travel blog. You can write actually on what you are going
through, what you see around you, what you actually feel, we can write on people’s life style,
there’s custom, their daily works and so on. For a wordpress blog, I suggest you to make blog
on your own. Copying other’s content is a bad idea, if you are doing so, you may be at loss. Your
Blog may be inappropriate for good ads, if your content are not genuine or it’s copied from
others. So, keep these things in your mind before creating a blog. A good content instantly
attracts the site visitors and when there are more visitors on your blog you may have good

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