Top 10 Ways to Earn Money Online in Nepal [Submitted by : Ghanshyam]

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Submitted by : Ghanshyam

Top 10 Ways to Earn Money Online in Nepal

Note : This is user submitted content. Bhudki just published it.

1. PTC sites

Earn money by clicking ads daily. You need more referral members for higher earning. You can earn from a few
cents to dollar. Most trusted sites,

2. Affiliates Marketing

Promote the product of the different companies and earn commission if people buy something from that site you
promoted. Example,,

3. Microwork

Earn money by doing simple jobs like signup in different sites, comment in blog or website or social networking
sites, likes, clicking ads, viewing websites. Examples,, Nepalese only)

4. Security researcher and Pentester

Finding vulnerabilities in websites, blog, and application. For this you should have knowledge about programming
language and networking. After reporting about bug company provides money to researcher as bug bounty.

5. YouTuber

You can make videos about different topics. Make videos in that topic in which you can give best performance and
have knowledge about it. You can make education related, tutorials about different topic like, cooking, prank,
trending topics, etc. You need to monetize videos for earning. You need and Gmail Account and Use that Mail as
YouTube Account.

6. AdSense

It needs about 3 to 6 months to verify AdSense after you start working on sites. After making blog or website you
put ads on that website which are provided by google or any third party like Yllix, Chitika, Infolinks,etc. When
people view your site, ads are shown from that you can earn. The more traffic you get there will be more earning.
Income depends also from which country traffic is coming.Traffic from America and European country income will
be high than Asian Countries .for e.g. suppose 1 click of usa you can earn 1$ then 1 click on Nepal is like 0.1$

7. Jobs based on Skill

You can earn money by doing online jobs according to your skills. For .e.g. you can work as translator, Graphics
designer, website designer, App development, etc. You need to sign up and fulfill your profile data. Search the jobs
you can do and bid it. If the client wants to work he will contact you and he will give jobs. You should complete
jobs in time, no excuses are given as real world. If you submit the work perfectly and in time he will pay and contact
for further jobs also. Best site for this kind of work are,,, etc.

8. Captcha solving

Solve the given captcha in sites earn .You can earn 0.5$ to 1.5 $ per 1000 captcha solved. Though earning is less
beginner in internet is easy way to earn. Some trusted sites are and

9. Short sites

Convert the long site in short links and share it. Users click on the short link and you can ear 1$ to 6$ per thousand
views. E.g adfly, shortest are trusted sites.

10.Facebook ,Twitter,Instagram

You can promote different product by making profile. You can do instant article in Facebook and share link. You
can earn $100 to $1000+ per month. Instant article is trending now in Nepal

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