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Submitted by : Binod Sharma

Top IT company of Nepal | 2017 Review

Our age is known as the age of Information Technology.Over a past decade Information Technology is increasing day by day in the world as well as in Nepal.  Nepal  is the IT possibility country.According to the dictionary,  the meaning of Information Technology is “the study or use of electronic equipment especially computers, for storing, analyzing and distribution of information of all kinds, including words, numbers and pictures.” According to statistical data In Nepal there are almost 500 IT company and around 10,000 people are getting job directly or indirectly. Huge amount of entering to Nepal from outsourcing. In Nepal IT company employer are also getting huge money and as well as facility too. Nepali IT company are doing out sourcing , software development, apps, website design and design job for foreign county.  Top Nepali IT company are as follow:
It was established in 2000 and its  office is located in Hattisar kathmandu. Verisk  it espcially work outsourcing of American Health care. the number of employer in this compnay is more than 350 .
It was etablished in 2009 and it is located in Sifal kathmandu. the number of employer in this company is around 350 . it is one of the highest paying company in Nepal.
3. F1 SOFT
this company was establsihed in 2004. Biswas Dhakal was the founder of this company. The number of of employer is 250 among them around 120 are engineer. Esewa, Pone pay Apps are done by this company.
It is also one the  high paying IT company in Nepal. the number of employer in this company is 130. it focus on data entry job, online job and software development.

Its office is located in Koupondole kathamndu. the number of worker in this company is 130. It focus on the mobile Apps, eCommerce and web design .
The founder of this compnay is Sandip Acharya . it focus on E-book,data conversion and security of american banks. the number of employer in this compnay is 100 among them 60 are engineer.
It was establsihed on 2008 and its office is located in Kalikasthan kathamndu.  the number of worker in this compnay is around 100 . It focus on ecommerce, apllication development and mobile Apps development.
It eas Establlished in 2012 and its office is located in Dilibazar kathmandu. the number of employer in this compnay is more then 120.  It focus on outsourcing work from America and software  development.
It is one of the oldest IT company of Nepal . IT was established in 1997. Its office is located in Lalipur .the number of employer is around 90.  this company focus on the software development, web development. This company have done the Nepal government, SAARC, Nepal Telecom, NGO/INGO work.
ITs office is located in Ravibhawan Kathamndu. Arjun Kumar Thakuri is the CEO of this compnay. This company is a branch of the US-based company. the employer of this compnay is more than 50 . it focuses on mobile application,Ecommerce, website desin and development as well as SEO activities.
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