How to Record Computer Screen Using PowerPoint

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Written by : Narayan

Almost everybody installs Microsoft Office in their computer nowadays. Here I am going to present the steps how to record your computer screen and related audio using Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 without installing any additional software.
For this, you will need Office 2013 or 2016. If you do no have office 2013 or 2016, see my next article Fastest And Easiest Way To Download Any Windows Or Office Version

Step I:
Open PowerPoint (Blank Presentation).

Step II:
Click on Insert tab. Then click Screen Recording on the right most corner of Insert tab as shown

Step IV:

After you select, red dotted line will appear as shown below. Here, I just want to record selected area
of youtube video. Now, Click on Record

Step V:
After you click Record, it will start recording the selected area. To stop recording, use “Windows logo
key+Shift+Q” as shown below.









After you stop recording using " Windows logo key+Shift+Q , the recorded video will appear at
PowerPoint as shown below. To save the video, right click on the video and click on Save Media as..

You can also Trim and save video.

Step VII:
After you click on Save Media as…., rename the file name for recorded as shown below:

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