Behavior of people depending on their Birth Month


Written by : Kapil Mani Devkota

There are different factors that show behaviour of a person. Among which birth month is also a main factor
that shows behaviour and has effect on daily life of a person as well as happenings in his life. The information
about anyone’s personal life according to different astrologers about birth month are :

Baisakh (April 18 to May 16):
They are good hearted and have well behaviours to others.
They have good eyes and body structure.
They have potential to be rich and can have joyous life.
But they can lose temper easily and also hesitate in money investing works as they have less expensing nature.

Jestha (May 17 to June 16) :
They are progressive and have good earnings in their lives.
They are fond of travelling, exploring new places and travel abroad also.
They have a long life and they live it luxuriously.

Asadh (June 17 to July 15) :
They are kind hearted and of helping nature.
They are friendly in nature and be loyal to their nearest one.
Despite of being hardworking and loyal, they might not be able to gain more progress and wealth.

Shrawan (July 16 to August 16) :
They are involved in social as well as religious works.
They behave well and help others in need.
They have mixed type of life with balance of joy or sorrow and loss or profit.

Bhadra (August 17 to September 16):

They are down to earth and never show off.
They get love and caring from their near ones in return as they show same to others.
People born during this month are capable of giving speech but are beyond enough in talking behaviour.

Ashwin (September 17 to October 17):
They are little shy in nature as wells as impatient also.
They don't talk much and hesitate while making new relations.
They have serene nature and are known for having good characters.

Kartik October 18 to November 16):
They are intelligent, wise and sweet talkers.
They have nature of taking control on everything as they are control freak.
They are also known for being short tempered.

Mangsir ( November 17 to December 15):
They have potential to be wealthy and progressive.
They are religious and socially helpful.
They belief in honesty as well as hate liers.
They are loyal to their relation and work.

Poush (December 16 to January 16):
They are hardworking and believe in their profession.
They are friendly in nature and have ability to get recognized and be responsible and respected.
They don’t have fear of doing things.
But they also lose their temper easily.

Magh (January 17 to February 15):

They are usually good on their appearance and are pretty.
They are full of wisdom and have simple and normal life.
But they are also known for being impatient and egoistic.

Falgun (February 16 to March 17):
They are active in social works and are of helpful nature.
They are intelligent, progressive, wealthy.
They never want to see others unhappy.

Chaitra (March 18 to April 17):
They are clever and attractive.
They also get higher level works and have good earning.
But they get angry easily which hampers their life sometimes.

All the information are gathered from different astrologers thoughts and writing.
Although these behaviors have impact on one’s life but the key factor for success is hard-work, self belief and
love and respect to others.

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