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Written by : Narayan

There are many methods to type Nepali such as Preeti, Nepali, Romanianized Unicode, traditional
unicode, etc. It takes too much time and effort to learn Nepali typing using such way. Here I will
present fastest and easiest way to learn Nepali typing without much effort using new way which has
become most popular nowadays. For that, follow the steps given below:

Step III:

Step IV:
After downloading, run the software "InputToolsSetup", click on "Yes" and it will start installing.

Step V:
Now open Word. To type Nepali, you have to change Language preferences on Windows. For that go
to rightmost corner of taskbar and click on ENG as shown below

Step VII:
Now you can type. If you type nepal in English, it will automatically convert to नेपाल after you click spacebar or enter key on keyboard as shown below

Very Important Note:
You can toggle English and Nepali by using the following shortcut Win+spacebar

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