Tree of Love [Story]


Tree of Love

(The following story based on Random Thoughts.)

Written by : Santosh

Bruce is a ‘Man of Few Words’. He’s normally shy with girls but as he grew up he understood the important role a woman play in a man’s life. He started to think that it was necessary for a boy to have not only male friends but also female friends, so he started interacting with girls. He first started to interact more with girls when he was in grade 8. It was almost 2 years after he had started making female friends. One day when he was in grade 10, one of his female friends nina invited him to her birthday party at her home. Many of her best friends came but there was one girl he saw, whom he saw for the first time. When he saw her felt like “is she one of the most beautiful person I have ever seen??” There was something very special and unique about her. He felt as if god was standing right infront of him. For a certain moment he felt like was the only person in the room and everything else was just dark!! He felt as if she was a silver lining between dark clouds. He should have known that at that moment the seed of “tree of love” had already been planted for her in his heart!

  After a month, he saw her again with nina at whose house he had seen her for the first time! He didn’t know her name or anything about her. He couldn’t even talk to her because he was still a bit shy! He could just watch her beautiful face! Through his other friends he found out that her name was Sally. She had one of the most beautiful eyes with curly black hair. She was like one of the ‘Wonders of the World’. This feeling indicated that the “Tree of Love” was slowly growing day by day for the Sally but he could never figure it out at that moment since he had feelings for another girl named Sarah.

After High School, he joined Union Collage for his further studies. There too he made many male and female friends. His Grade 11 was going great until at the end of which, he proposed Sarah but she didn’t accept his love. His heart got broke but he kept his mental state stable cause he knew that it wasn’t the end of the world. So due to this depression he started to have feelings for another girl, a very close friend, whom he had first met in Union College itself. Her name was Simona. It had already been nearly 2 yrs after he had seen Sally but from nowhere Sally became his classmate in Grade 12 but like before he already had feelings for Simona but he became good friends with Sally. Meeting her after such a longtime, the “Tree of Love” again started to grow more taller day by day inside his heart for Sally. But he had his heart already clouded by his feelings for Simona. He tried very hard to get close to Simona but as before he lost his fight for love. Simona didn’t accept his love. After rejection Sarah was still his good friend but he couldn’t take this second heart break so he broke his friendship with Simona, which he regrets till now with the feeling that he shouldn’t have done so. He made this huge mistake of breaking her friendship due to the confusion created by his second heart break.

Now the garden of love was clear, his heart was finally free from any feelings, the “Tree of Love” was free from any delay in growing. Since he had no feelings for any other girl, the “Tree of Love” started to grow more quickly. He now started to have feelings for Sally. But as the other girls, Sally also didn’t have any feelings for him. Rather Sally started to have feeling for another guy. After knowing this he felt as his life was falling apart at such a young age, he felt as if he was again betrayed by love but he held on. He didn’t want to repeat the same mistake he had made earlier so he still reminded her friend. But later he came to know that the guy whom she loved had another girlfriend. Knowing this he got so angry with that guy cause’ she loved him… she was happy with him but he betrayed her and made her cry… made her sad which he never wanted for her to be. But he felt as it there was now opportunity for him to get close to her but he knew that she was hurt badly so he took his time. He didn’t want to rush. After some months he told her about his crush for her. She got a bit shocked but he didn’t tell her that he loved her cause’ he didn’t want to lose her friendship. He just tried to be one of her best friends. He tried to suppress his feelings for her cause’ he wasn’t ready for another heart break, two heart break had already got the worst for him. He just wanted to be her close friend. But remaining just her friend was just impossible cause’ the “Tree of Love” had already grown to the fullest.

Now in present, Bruce and Sally are good friends but still he hadn’t told her about his love for her. He likes being with her. He has suppressed his intense feeling for her just too thick and strong for him to cut it out of hisheart.

Bruce thinks that, “She might not love me but I love her and She is my friend….thats the best present I can have right now….”

(The Story doesn’t end here cause’ its still going on as you are reading this…..)

For Readers:

Would Bruce ever tell about his love for Sally?

Would Sally even accept Bruce’s love?

What should Bruce do to win his lover for Sally?

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