Society, Marriage and Nepal [Written by : Ronish]

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Written by : Ronish 

Society, Marriage and Nepal 

Mostly two types of marriage is rulling the marriage system of Nepal. They are arranged marriage and love marriage. The society of cities areas are more forward than that of rular areas. The problem like early marriage, forced marriage and dowary system is found to be more in rular areas. The society of cities area are developing with the needs of time and has provided the equal rights, equal opportunities and rights to marriage. The love marriage is in practice in cities areas. The women are marrying after being more capable to run the family by themselves. The condition of cities is not totally developed as dowary system is still in practice. I think it will be solved with the increasing time. The problem is on rular areas where still many problems are not solved. The education has really not reach there to convince them to change the system what they believe as right. The present education should be expanded and reach the every conrner of the country to change the belief of people from dark to bright. I hope the goverment will get the job done on this problem.

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