Women in Technology & Status in Nepal [Written by : Ronish]

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Written by : Ronish

The thing is whether it will be IT field or any field, the participation of women is must important. According to the latest census of Nepal, the population of women is greater than that of man. When more than half of the population is not involved in IT field, then obviously we never can move forward. Our country is back in technology. There are many factors ranging from economic status to quality of education for not being good at technology. But one of the most important hidden factor is that we don’t have good participation of women. There may be some female technologist in Nepal but it is in really limited number. That clearly shows that the women in Nepal are poor in technology. Talking about my class where I had studied, there is not even a single girl studying computer science. The whole world knows that Internet, IT in fact computer field is the future. This is the 21st century and it is the time of science and techonolgy. But it makes really sad that still half of the population are unaware about it. The development of IT is increasing in its own manner.The thing is how can we made to so effective so we can ensure the participation of women.The less participation of women on this really shows that we need to improve something to upgrade participation of women. Whether it may encouraging them to participate, or making the computer class compulsory in school level so they really can get opportunity to know that the IT holds the future. But whatever, the status of women in techonolgy is really poor and should be improved soon.

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