Article by : Santosh

We often talk about our brave ancestors and their glory. If it wasn’t for our ancestors, we would have been enslaved. We were and are still known over the world by our ancestors bravery. Nepal’s flag is the only national flag in the world that is not rectangular in shape. The red colour in the flag stands for victory in war of courage, and is also colour of the rhododendron, the national flower of Nepal.  Red also stands for aggression. The flag’s blue border signifies peace. The curved moon on the flag is a symbol of the peaceful and calm nature of Nepalese, while the sun represents the aggressiveness of Nepalese warriors. Whenever we go, we are known for our bravery and courage. But now, we are in the verge of drowning our ancestors’ name.

Yes, we show pride that our country has never been ruled by foreign power, but have we ever thought of how we have enslaved ourselves? We  still don’t dare to make a change. Women are still considered as the weaker gender, they are still locked up in cowsheds, and they are still beaten to death for being suspected as witch, their workplace is one for all, the kitchen. Our actions and rationalism is still pondering in the dreary deserts. The country once known for its bravery is now going to be known for cowardice. People here are all coward. They fear to make a change. They run away from their retrograding  homemade and take shelter in a foreign land where life is much better . In one side there are people destroying the infrastructures, burning everything they see in their own motherland and on the other side there are people of the same country working day and night to build the infrastructures of some foreign land. The lifestyles of people here have vast differences like heaven and hell. In the side there are people struggling to even feed themselves for a single day and on the other side there are people throwing food like it is for free. In one side there are people who wear the same pair of clothes for almost a year, and on the other side there are people who wouldn’t wear the same pair of clothes twice again. About half of the populations lives below the international poverty line of $1.25 a day.

 Every year thousands of Nepalese leave their country and go to foreign lands in the hope of better future, in the search of opportunity, in the search of identity. Why would they stake their future in the land where there are no opportunities, no employment, and no identity? Some swear that they would be back in the country after gaining enough knowledge and skill to develop their country. But when they come back, they are not appreciated, they are given no respect, and they are given no chances. Lost and hopeless they return back abroad and settle there. If they are given a chance to use their skills here, if they were given better opportunities, and if the government hadn’t turned a blind eye to them then our country wouldn’t have been in the place where it is now. Our country is still counted as one of the poor nations of the world. And yet even if you are rich and successful abroad, you’d still be known as a person from a poor country. We are rich in everything. Be it resources or heritages. If we cared, we would’ve been counted as one of the rich country. We would’ve prospered. Be it resources of heritages. If we cared, we would’ve prospered. We never get tired of saying we’re the second richest country in terms of water resources and still have endless power cuts, still have to buy water, farmer’s still depend on rain water for irrigation. Nepal has a huge hydropower potential. In fact, the perennial nature of our rivers and the steep gradient of the country’s topography provide ideal conditions for the development of some of the world’s largest hydroelectricity projects in Nepal. It is estimated that Nepal has been able to produce only approximately 600 MW of hydropower. Therefore the bulk of the economically feasible generation hasn’t been realized yet. Also the multi purpose, secondary and tertiary benefits have not been realized from the development of our river. The whole nation is in the silence of cold darkness. And our heritages are one of a kind. Tourists are fascinated by the antediluvian art and culture. The stunning landscapes and diverse, exotic culture of Nepal are listed in the world heritage list. This is indeed a matter of pride for us. But we are also aware that five of the same heritage are kept in the danger list already. Also our country is rich in production. Thousand tons of quality apples are cultivated in places of Humla and Jumla but they never reach the market. There is no road for transportation. And there are the apples rot in vain, and here we pay high prices for apples of poor quality imported from neighboring countries. Everything is corrupt in the country. Honest people have no values anymore. Money has no value than honesty and dignity. Such is the condition of our country. We often hide ourselves from the bitter truth. You say that you love your country. Well, don’t say it unless you mean it. To mean it, we must do something for the country.

 The peace process would have been much simpler if the politicians, who were supposed to represent the people of the nation, stop representing themselves and their parties. The process of building the nation isn’t an easy pie to it but it is not even a Herculean task if serious an effective steps are taken. Our country has great potentials, if more productions are done then our country would be more export based if more production to be enhanced then more people would get employment in factories. The resources of the country would also be utilized judiciously. If more opportunities are provided in the country for scholars then there wouldn’t be any need of going abroad. Corruption is inevitably the hindrance to nation building, so the corrupted heads must be charged and brought to light through media. The laws must be formulated and implemented efficiently. Education is the most indispensable thing to all so therefore many education based schools and colleges must be opened acting nonchalant about the things going around the country and every individual must boost the feeling of patriotism and national integrity. We must remember that collective I’s makes We and collective We is power. Success can’t be achieved unless we overcome our fears. And we Nepalese aren’t known for our words but are for our remarkable solid actions. And I know if every Nepali around the world would gather to build this nation from the ground level, the time wouldn’t be far enough when our country’s flag would flutter with real pride and our mother Nepal would once again smile after a long time.

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