Benefits of Teaching Nepalese School Kids To Code, Programming Languages [Written by : Ronish]

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Written by : Ronish

Computer field is regarded as one of the most impotant topic at this time. I remember that day I watched the presentation given by where it clearly states that “Every 21st century student should have a chance to learn about algorithms, how to make apps, or how the internet works. Just like they learn about the digestive system, photosynthesis, or electricity”. And it is absolutely true. Computer education is foundational and it should be devloped from the bottom to the top level. In many of the countries, the kids are coding and learning programming language. And we should develop it too. As it is all about learning new things and creativity, the kid will develop all the necessary thing they need to develop. Whether it is Nepalese school kids or any contries school kids, I had stated already that it is same and it helps a lot to grow IT. I think if we can develop this system, then it is sure that we Nepalese will sure be in the top level in technology in coming future.

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