Women in Technology & Status in Nepal [Submitted by : Prakash]

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Submitted by : Prakash

Women in Technology & Status in Nepal
Most Nepali ladies have a tendency to pick a profession field more ladies driven like overseer, housework, nursing, beautician and right hand instead of PC/IT based. It can be broadly observed that, since men are overwhelming in IT, there are more item and administrations that fit men’s prerequisites. Sadly, we can’t state the same for ladies

Nepal still has a huge gender gap and less percentage of girls is enrolling in this field. It might be the pre-existing prejudices, that IT is a male dominate sector. Still in the 21st century, time of technology gender discrimination in IT education is still continuing. Simultaneously, inspirational fact is that Nepali women in technology is gradually increasing.Nowadays we can find too many nepali ladies studying it related subjects and also job holders related to it sector,this show the involvement of nepali women in IT sector is increasing gradually.

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