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PARAGRAPH TASK for 50 points, 200 points, 600 points & 1000 points (Read all lines below very well, in any confusion ask via comment below). Lets create a educational, knowledgeable contents in Bhudki with your own mind blowing concepts and ideas. 

  • In Paragraph Task, you have to prepare a strong paragraph on any topic given below.
  • Since paragraph will be short and sweet, so try to include strong ideas in your paragraph.
  • One user can submit paragraph on each of the following topics. Do not rush, be calm, think and prepare your paragraph. You submitted one paragraph on one topic ? Well, now submit paragraph for another topic. (Jati topic diyeko cha tala, sabai maa yek-yek wota paragraph banauna saknuhuncha)
  • Once prepared your paragraph, please write it down (your paragraph) in comment section below. Doing this will get you 50 points straight.
  • Now 2nd task : most important thing, once you get 50 points, then your paragraph will be published as a content in Blogs Section. Once it is published, you will be mentioned in my status with link to your content that was published. (You are entering to challenge to get 1000 points from here)
  • (Read this clearly). When you open your published content, you will see Facebook sharing button at top of your article. Share your article by clicking that button to your facebook. When your facebook friends starts to like or share your article, Number counter in your content goes on increasing. ( Hajur le aafno content maa vayeko facebook button ko side maa dekhna saknuhuncha counter number increase vaako.). Hajur le jati wota topic maa paragraph banaaunu huncha, tyo sabai lai blog section maa chutta chuttai publish garincha. Ra hajur le pani chutta chuttai share garnu parcha aafno content)
  • User who gets maximum number counter (including his/her all paragraph), will get direct 1000 points. So, 1st winner gets 1000 points, 2nd winner gets 600 points & 3rd winner gets 200 points from this challenge.
  • Challenge valid till DECEMBER 27, 2017 (Winner will be announced 12pm to 1 pm on December 27. So involve in task as soon as possible)


  1. Women in Technology & Status in Nepal
  2. Benefits of Teaching Nepalese School Kids To Code, Programming Languages.
  3. Society, Marriage & Nepal

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  1. Women in Technology & Status in Nepal
    Most Nepali ladies have a tendency to pick a profession field more ladies driven like overseer, housework, nursing, beautician and right hand instead of PC/IT based. It can be broadly observed that, since men are overwhelming in IT, there are more item and administrations that fit men’s prerequisites. Sadly, we can’t state the same for ladies

    Nepal still has a huge gender gap and less percentage of girls is enrolling in this field. It might be the pre-existing prejudices, that IT is a male dominate sector. Still in the 21st century, time of technology gender discrimination in IT education is still continuing. Simultaneously, inspirational fact is that Nepali women in technology is gradually increasing
    Nowadays we can find too many nepali ladies studying it related subjects and also job holders related to it sectos.
    this show the involvement of nepali women in IT sector is increasing gradually.

    1. @optimistboy : You created 2 paragraphs for single topic. And your 2nd paragraph is almost 90% copied. As a whole it is like 50/50. So, I will assign 50 points now as said in task. Your this comment is prepared and published as a blog. Now for 2nd task you have to share it right ? More detail here :

      Your published article here :

      1. Benefits of Teaching Nepalese School Kids to code and programming language:
        In our country, only basic computer course are given to the school kids, but in other developed countries, schools kids are taught the advanced computer courses from the school level. So that, our nepalese school kids should also teach these advance class like code and programming language. It helps school kids to improve mental health and helps to build their career in future.

  2. In our society two kinds of marriage are happened i.e is love and arrange marriage. Most of the people ignore the different cast marriage, they prefer to get marriage with a same cast of girl or boys. Mainly, due the family pressure girl and boys are getting married by the force of their parents. Mainly problem of our society towards the marriage is dowry system and the cast problem. Dowry system is one of the social problem and the marriage with lower cast and higher cast are not accepted in our society that is the another main problem.

  3. Society, Marriage & Nepal
    In case of marriage in Nepali society, there is love marriage and arrange marriage. in rural areas we can find that too many girls are getting married in early age. but in city areas peoples get married by finding their loved ones and they don’t hurry to marry.they prefer marrying after their study and after getting job or starting a business which will be sufficient to handle their married life child marriage should be stopped in rural areas to avoid too many problems. government should launch various programs to give education about this in rural areas.

  4. Women in Technology & Status in Nepal
    The thing is whether it will be IT field or any field, the participation of women is must important. According to the latest census of Nepal, the population of women is greater than that of man. When more than half of the population is not involved in IT field, then obviously we never can move forward. Our country is back in technology. There are many factors ranging from economic status to quality of education for not being good at technology. But one of the most important hidden factor is that we don’t have good participation of women. There may be some female technologist in Nepal but it is in really limited number. That clearly shows that the women in Nepal are poor in technology. Talking about my class where I had studied, there is not even a single girl studying computer science. The whole world knows that Internet, IT in fact computer field is the future. This is the 21st century and it is the time of science and techonolgy. But it makes really sad that still half of the population are unaware about it. The development of IT is increasing in its own manner.The thing is how can we made to so effective so we can ensure the participation of women.The less participation of women on this really shows that we need to improve something to upgrade participation of women. Whether it may encouraging them to participate, or making the computer class compulsory in school level so they really can get opportunity to know that the IT holds the future. But whatever, the status of women in techonolgy is really poor and should be improved soon.

  5. Benefits of Teaching Nepalese School Kids To Code, Programming Languages
    Computer field is regarded as one of the most impotant topic at this time. I remember that day I watched the presentation given by where it clearly states that “Every 21st century student should have a chance to learn about algorithms, how to make apps, or how the internet works. Just like they learn about the digestive system, photosynthesis, or electricity”. And it is absolutely true. Computer education is foundational and it should be devloped from the bottom to the top level. In many of the countries, the kids are coding and learning programming language. And we should develop it too. As it is all about learning new things and creativity, the kid will develop all the necessary thing they need to develop. Whether it is Nepalese school kids or any contries school kids, I had stated already that it is same and it helps a lot to grow IT. I think if we can develop this system, then it is sure that we Nepalese will sure be in the top level in technology in coming future.

  6. Benefits of Teaching Nepalese School Kids To Code, Programming Languages.
    Nepalese kids lacks knowledge of programming languages.this is new for our kids.they are unaware about it.
    Teaching Nepalese School Kids To Code, Programming Languages is too much beneficial. They can be updatd about latest technology .they can compete with world.Programming Languages is widely used all over the world.if they gain knowledge about it they can get jobs in it sector. they can develope useful softwares for various os.

  7. Society, Marriage and Nepal
    Mostly two types of marriage is rulling the marriage system of Nepal. They are arranged marriage and love marriage. The society of cities areas are more forward than that of rular areas. The problem like early marriage, forced marriage and dowary system is found to be more in rular areas. The society of cities area are developing with the needs of time and has provided the equal rights, equal opportunities and rights to marriage. The love marriage is in practice in cities areas. The women are marrying after being more capable to run the family by themselves. The condition of cities is not totally developed as dowary system is still in practice. I think it will be solved with the increasing time. The problem is on rular areas where still many problems are not solved. The education has really not reach there to convince them to change the system what they believe as right. The present education should be expanded and reach the every conrner of the country to change the belief of people from dark to bright. I hope the goverment will get the job done on this problem.

  8. Benefits of Teaching Nepalese School Kids To Code, Programming Languages.
    As we all know, information technologies are developing on prime day by day. New advanced methods and techniques are evolving. On this context, knowledge of programming language and coding language becomes a must priority for everyone. Its a basic need for anyone to get involved or be a part of these developments and utilise them properly. It’s being used in every field now. The old methods used in data keeping, billing, information sharing and many other tasks are being replaced by new techniques which shows the importance of coding or programming language. As it is said kids are the base of future, so if we make the base stronger we can compete to others in development. On near future development of every nation will be evaluated on the basis of technological development. So it’s necessary to give knowledge of code and programming language to Nepalese kids for their personality development of using and developing new technologies as well as making their nation proud by advancing in future key factor for development. However, Nepal Education System has been initiative by keeping these knowledge on curriculum of some faculties but it should be kept on other remaining faculties as well and if possible from beginning level as in School level.

  9. Women in Technology and Status in Nepal:
    Nepal is one of the developing country, so that in context to Nepalese women they are more far away with technology. Only the women from urban or city areas have some information about the technology . Mostly Nepal has rural areas so it will take some time to get in touch with Nepalese women. Nepalese government are not focusing for the participation of women towards technology, half the portion of our country are occupied by women, so that for the development of country we should probably give chance and opportunity to women in technology sector.

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