What Changes May Boost Education System In Nepal ?


Well, Education system of Nepal, what do you think must be changed and what changes must be implemented. ?

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16 thoughts on “What Changes May Boost Education System In Nepal ?

  1. Practical classes should be more than theoretical classes. Practical ko lagi sufficient materials pani hunaparyo. Advanced vaiyo vanera projector jodera PDF padera sunaune teacher vanda k kasari vayo vanera bujhauna sakne qualified teacher hunuparyo.

  2. To develop and boost education system of nepal we need to use information technology in education field too like using laptops in classes
    Studying using projectors showing videos on the related topics and upgrading the information in educational materials.
    As we know same books and educational materials containing so much old informations are used till now in our education system.
    Scope of bringing new patterns of questions every year can help in boosting our education system.

  3. changes designed to improve quality and access, meet high market demand, … the education system in nepal divide one of the world’s widest, and warned that more private schools could give rise to a permanent two-tiered system.

  4. I think main emphasis should be given to practical learning rather than only theoretical learning. No one like to learn from white papers. We should try to attract students towards particular fields. Example:
    If we teach a child to hack games like coc then I’m sure he/she will show more interest in learning those things and as a result that child may plan to make their future in it.For that seminar and trainings will be very effective.
    But the main problem is understanding of Nepalese people . They think “Exam ma marks alli talla mathi bhayo ki jindagi khattam,life bigriyo abaa tesle kyai gardena future ma ” . Ya It’s true to get good marks but It’s not bad to get extra education. Only good marks is not everything. Thus the main step should be -> Aware our parents .

  5. पहिलो कुरा त शिक्षण विधिमा नै परिवर्तन गर्नु आवश्यक देखिन्छ । जुन कुराले गर्दा विद्यार्थी सक्रिय भई अध्ययनमा चासो राख्छ सोको खोजि गरी अवलम्बन गर्नु पर्दछ । अहिलेको आधुनिक युगमा हामिसँग विभिन्न स्रोत तथा उपकरण उपलब्ध छन् जुन चिज हामि प्रयाग गर्न सक्छौँ ।
    अर्को कुरा के भने जुन कुरा आफै सक्रिय सहभागि भई अध्ययन गरिन्छ वा अभ्यास गरिन्छ ति कुरा सजिलै सिक्न सकिन्छ । त्यसैले जुन चिज अध्ययन गर्न चाहन्छ वा चासो राख्छ सो सँग सम्बन्धित मात्रै उसको पढाई केन्द्रित हुनु जरुरी हुन आउछ न कि उसले हरेक विषय अध्ययन गर्न आवश्यक होस् । पढाई कसैको पनि बोझको रुपमा हुनु हुँदैन र उहि पुरानै घोकन्ते शैली मात्रै नभई स्मरण गर्न सक्ने गरी विभिन्न उदाहरण, व्याख्या र चित्रण हुनु आवश्यक हुन्छ जुन कुरा सजिलै स्मरण गनै सकियोस् ।

  6. To boost the education system of Nepal I think these things should be mention
    1. ICT classes
    2. Practical classes rather than theory class.
    3. Proper sports equipment, play ground able to conduct sports program.
    4. Students can choose own interest of subject like music, dance, technology, speech.
    5. Government should do equal response to all schools of Nepal.
    6. Negotiate salary for all over the teachers of Nepal.

  7. Everybody knows that how much the practical learning is important. The first thing that need to change is to shift theoretical rote-learning to practical learning. It is very difficult for our country like Nepal to shift totally. The practical learning is also developing. It is not totally developed but in most of the course practical classes are assigned. That goods. That really very good. I think the problem here in our country is not about not developing practical classes but the problem is here is the mindset and mentality of us. Practical classes are assigned and the different experiment are carried out in my case. But the mindset of us is so fixed that we are totally based on finishing the practical rather than understanding it. The thing is we are totally based on exam. That makes the practical classes also ineffective. Some of the student never enter the practical classes. But they copy all the practicals from other and it is checked. So, What I think most important that need to changes so it may boost the education system in Nepal is exactly the mentality.

  8. In Nepal education system is more theoritical, firstly that should be changed into practical. And also Education system should be digitalize according to this comparitive modern world.

  9. As we all know Nepal is developing country.Education system can play a vital role in developing the country
    The education system of Nepal is traditional unmanaged undeveloped and theory based.
    In order to improve education system of nepal, first of all all the syllabus of curiculam should be upgraded and must be practical based.Practical knowledge should be prefered from lower classes.And training about science and technology modern technolgy should be started to give to school and college students in addition.

  10. The main change that should be done to boost the education system is by changing the current education system.Student should have rights to choose the particular subjects that they want to study.Colleges and the schools should focus on how to give better education to their children rather than how to get better students and get more incomes.Today’s education system has become a source of income.So to boost the education system of Nepal we have to change the present situation.Entrance to student should be give by seeing their interest not by there percentage.

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