Top 5 Mistakes of Beginner Youtuber

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Mistake 1 :
Content & Vision

Before starting channel, be clear in mind about what kind of content you are going to create for youtube. Youtube monetization highly depends on your content. Next to content, you must have future plans on updating your youtube channel.

Mistake 2 :
Update & Involvement

Keep in mind, youtube monetization to earn good amount of money requires regular update of channel with your videos. Involve more, if possible daily, or atleast twice a week.

Mistake 3 :
Wait.Wait | Keep Calm

Now, in case of youtube monetization, real part comes here. Keep calm about increasing your subscribers and viewers. A lot of youtubers give up here. They lack motivation and starts to blame on situation of not getting a lot of views.

Mistake 4 :
Copyright Content

In youtube monetization, before using any 3rd content (which is not your own) make sure about copyright terms. If the material is protected with copyright law, then do not use the material. In case, if original content creator allows to share the content or use the content, then always give a source link or credit to author of original content.

Mistake 5 :
Content vs Quality

Finally it’s about quality of your content. Lots of videos for youtube monetization is not fruitful if your video lacks Quality of video, editing and audio.

Sub4Sub is bad idea

This will be best, if you can get sub from those who works on topic similar like yours. If they don’t have interest in a content you have created, then sub4sub goes bad. Like, assume you make video for youtube monetization on topic “Beauty Tips”, but you got sub from another channel user who works on “Technology Tips”, then there will be very less chance that your subscriber watches your video.

Video Explanation here :

By : Bijay Acharya

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